Hello! We are sending you this letter on paper because we miss both your email address and mobile number. The reason we want to reach you is that we like to inform you that we are reducing the fee to SEK 130 from 1 October 2021.

Lower-than-expected cost for benefits

Lower fee, higher unemployment benefit. The cost of the unemployment fund depends mainly on the average daily allowance our unemployed members receive. In the spring of 2020, the compensation was significantly increased to SEK 26,400 per month and more people received more. Despite the higher compensation, our costs were lower than predicted. Therefore, we can now reduce the monthly fee to SEK 130. More about the new fee here

Unemployment benefit + trade unions = income insurance

The unemployment fund is the base/basis? You are probably already in the union, otherwise we recommend you to join. In addition to income insurance, you can get help with everything from employment law and preferential discounts to LinkedIn review. You find a list of our associations here

We miss your contact details

Log in to medlem.akademikernasakassa.se and update your contact details. There you can also see your payments to us.
Have a nice autumn!
Kind regards
Akademikernas a-kassa