I am moving with my partner who works for a Swedish employer

If your partner has a Swedish employer and receives the salary from Sweden, you must remain in the a-kassa. If you need to apply for benefits when you are back in Sweden, we can count on work you had before your stay abroad.

I will accompany my partner who will be working abroad

Do you have children under the age of two or do you receive parental allowance? Call us on 08-412 33 00 and we will look into your case. Otherwise, you can cancel the membership if you will be abroad for longer than 6 months. If you are away longer, you will not be able to fulfill a working condition and receive benefits. 

I have children under the age of two

If you have children under two years of age, we can extend the qualification period for benefits. It is important that you continue to be a member. Please get in touch and we will look into your case.

I will take care of relatives abroad

Taking care of relatives and family abroad is neither something we can base benefits on nor extend the qualification period for. If you are away for longer than six months, you can cancel your membership in Akademikernas a-kassa.