Parental leave can extend the qualifying period

For every month that you have been on parental leave at least half-time, we add an older month because we always base your benefits on 12 months. In order to extend the time, one of these conditions is required:

  1. The child was less than two years old when you were on parental leave.
  2. You have taken at least five days of half parental allowance per week when the child is 2+.

60 hours of work always counts

If you have worked 60 hours or more per month during parental leave, we count on the part-time work and we never skip the month.

What should I send in?

  1. Arbetsgivarintyg (Employer's certificate) for the last 12 months worked.
  2. The form Sök ersättning gives us the information we need and a list of any certificates that need to be uploaded.
  3. If you handed in your own notice less than 112 calendar days ago you have to fill out the form Egen uppsägning.

150 extra days

If you have children under 18 and are unemployed when your period of 300 days has passed, we combine our registers with Försäkringskassan and you will get 150 days extra. This is done when your 300 days have run out. You don't have to do anything - just keep reporting time.

Did you choose to resign?

When you choose to resign, the suspension is always overplayed 112 calendar days after the termination of employment. If you have resigned at the end of parental leave, you can get compensation after your suspention period. 

Employer's certificate is always required

Your employer is obliged to issue a certificate aka Arbetstgivarintyg. You request it in Mina sidor.

Rules when unemployed

  • Childcare must be arranged It does not matter whether childcare is private or municipal. It has to be arranged so you can take a job when you get it.
  • Looking for full-time work? If you want to work full-time and have childcare arranged so that someone can take the children full-time, you fill in 40 during work opportunities.
  • Looking for part-time work? If you only want and can work part-time in the future, there may not be any time for us to compensate.
  • All parental leave on the time report Fill in parental leave on the time report if you want to take part-time parental leave when you receive a-kassa. This also applies to 'garantidagar'.
  • Application for tillfälliga föräldrapenning (VAB) Report your tillfälliga föräldrapenning (VAB) to Försäkringskassan if your child becomes sick. You are not entitled to a-kassa when you are at home with a sick child. Mark föräldrapenning on your time report.
  • Parental allowance on the weekend does not affect the a-kassa Parental allowance on the weekend does not affect the a-kassa. But it is important that you report föräldrapenning on the time report so that the report with us matches the information you provide to Försäkringskassan