As of July 1, 2022, you are entitled to a tax reduction of 25 percent of the membership fee to your unemployment insurance fund. This means that the tax that you have to pay last year's income is reduced by 25 percent of the membership fee. The deduction is made automatically - we have sent information to the Swedish Tax Agency - you do not need to do anything.

When you paid matters

The amount that entitles you to a tax credit depends on when you paid your fees. The total payments for the period 1 July-31 December 2022 are reported to the Swedish Tax Agency 2023. The membership fee in 2022 was SEK 130 per month and will remain unchanged in 2023.

For example, if you have been a member of Akademikernas a-kassa and paid the membership fee all 6 months (July-December 2022), SEK 130 a month, the tax will decrease by SEK 195 (25 percent of SEK 780). If you have paid for fewer months, it will be a lower amount.

The tax reduction is done automatically for all members

Akademikernas a-kassa has sent information to the Swedish Tax Agency for all its members - both for you who pay the unemployment insurance fee to us and for you who pay to the trade union.

In Mitt medlemskap you can see your payments

In Mitt medlemskap (My Membership), you who pay your fee directly to us can see your payments. If you pay the fee together with the membership fee to the union, you should contact them with questions about payments. Shortly, we will also publish information about the amount we have sent to the Swedish Tax Agency in My Membership. You can also see the information if you log in to the Swedish Tax Agency to check your tax return.