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If you have 150 Swedish university credits or are studying right now towards 180 credits you can switch to us. Terminate your membership with your current unemployment insurance fund and apply with us at the same time. The membership from your former unemployment fund will be included in the transfer if your switch is made without an interruption.

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About the benefit

Conditions to join us

If you have a Bachelor’s degree from a college or university (150 Swedish university credits) and you work or have been working in Sweden - you can join us. You can also join us if you are currently studying towards a goal of 180 credits.

We can help you with the transition

We want to make sure that you have continued coverage from the insurance. That is why we can help you switch to us. By filling out a power of attorney when you apply for membership, we can make sure that your current membership ends when your membership with us begins.

Continue to pay the fee

Continue to pay the fee to your current unemployment insurance fund for the entire duration of your membership.

Unemployed? You can still switch to us

If you meet the entry requirements, you can switch to us even if you are unemployed. Please note that payments of the benefit can be delayed as a result of a switch of unemployment insurance fund.

If you are unemployed and you are receiving benefit, you will continue receiving benefit from the same benefit period when you join us.

Send us the form Anmälan om arbetslöshet and notify arbetsförmedlingen that you have switched unemployment fund and joined us. If you are receiving the basic benefit from Alfa-kassan you need to state this when you apply for membership with us.

How to switch to us if you are unemployed

  1. Complete and submit your membership application.
  2. Terminate the membership with your current unemployment fund.
  3. Fill out and send us the form Ansökan om ersättning in Mina sidor.
  4. Notify Arbetsförmedlingen that you are switching unemployment fund to us.
  5. Fill in your time report in Mina sidor. You can receive benefit from us starting from the month you became a member with us.