Start your own business

If you start your own business while unemployed, your right to unemployment benefits will end. This is because unemployment benefit can never be used to finance a business or as a support to a company with low profitability. Therefore, it is important that you inform us the day you start your own company. You should also stop sending in your time report.

When are you considered self-employed?

In order to be eligible for unemployment benefit, you need to be able to take and apply for employment and you must make an effort to end your unemployment. This means, if starting up your own business is taking up your time, you are no longer eligible for unemployment benefit.

To determine whether you are considered unemployed or self-employed, we will assess your entire situation. We will look at circumstances such as; if you offer quotes, advertise your company and have contact with potential clients. We will also consider whether you have registered a company name, obtained F-tax or started renting space for your company.

Continue your membership

You should continue being a member when you start your own company. You can apply for unemployment benefit again if your company is insolvent. For instance, if you run your own company for less than 12 months, you may continue receiving benefit from your current unemployment benefit period.