Part-time studies

The basic rule when you receive unemployment benefit is that you are not allowed to study. However, you can be able to study or participate in an activity full- or part-time when receiving unemployment benefit under certain conditions.

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Part-time studies during maximum 20 weeks

You do have the opportunity to study part-time when receiving unemployment benefit during maximum 20 weeks if the following conditions are fulfilled.

  • The pace of the studies can be maximum 50 percent of full-time studies
  • You have not left your previous employment because of the studies
  • The studies must not prevent you from seeking or accepting a new employment
  • You are not nor have you previously received student aid (CSN) for these studies

Full-time studies during maximum 15 days

For us to be able to approve your application to study full time the course or activity must:

  • give an orientation of different professions or educations
  • or the course or activity should ease the transition from one profession to another.
  • The maximum number of days you can study full-time when receiving unemployment benefit is 15 days during the same unemployment period.

The 15 days does not have to be in a row. It can also be 15 separate days with 15 different activities. Please contact us if you have any questions!

Decision from us

When we have tried your application to study you will receive a written decision. If you are uncertain if your studies meet the conditions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Apply here before you start the course

How to fill in your time report

If we approve your application to study full- or part-time it means you have the right to study while receiving unemployment benefit. You should therefore tick the box Arbetslös on the timesheet.