Employer certificate


In order to receive benefits, you must have worked. To show that you have worked, you need a signed employer certificate (arbetsgivarintyg) that you request and receive in Mina sidor.

Request the arbetsgivarintyg in Mina sidor

Request your arbetsgivarintyg in Mina sidor under E-tjänster. When you fill in which employer and which period you need a certificate for, the question goes directly to the employer. Most often, it is the payroll administrator who fills in. If they sign it with BankID, it will appear in My pages under My documents when it is complete. Otherwise the employer will send it to you.

At least 12 months must be reported

We need an arbetsgivarintyg for the past 12 months of work. If you have not worked for 12 months, we need certificates for all the months that you have worked. If you have worked less than 60 hours for a month due to illness, full-time studies or parental leave, the employer must report an extra month back in time.

Certificate when employment ended

The certificate can only be filled in when the employment has ended because the last working day needs to be included on the certificate.

Working time, income and absence

The certificate contains all the important information we need about the employment. Everything from why it ended to pay and how much you worked. It shows whether you have been ill, parental leave or if you have worked extra.

Don't you have BankID?

Download the Arbetsgivarintyg (pdf)

Download the form Supplement to Arbetsgivarintyg (pdf) This form is only filled in if you have had OB compensation, sick pay etc.