Report vab and parental leave

For unemployd parents with a-kassa

Everyone who has children knows that sometimes you need to be free to take care of them and that happens even when you are unemployed. And when that happens, remember to report it both to us at the a-kassa and to Försäkringskassan in order to get the compensation right. You are never entitled to compensation from several payers for the same period. If you get the wrong benefits, you become liable for a refund, and in addition, we do an investigation into why it has gone wrong and what the consequences of it will be.

Two things to consider

  1. Apply for compensation from Försäkringskassan for the time you take care of the child.
  2. On your timesheet, enter the time that you are not unemployed in part of the day, or percentage, to Akademikernas a-kassa. Mina sidor helps you specify scope. 

Time report all time with compensation from Försäkringskassan

All time that you have had compensation from Försäkringskassan must be included in the time report to the unemployment fund. You do not have to distinguish between whether you have had parental benefit at sickness benefit level, basic level or minimum level. The same applies if you have had temporary parental benefit, pregnancy allowance or 10-days.

Time report the time on the right day

When you report to the unemployment fund, you must report your parental benefit or vab on the right day, that is, the day you took care of your child. Select the box for "Sjuk/Föräldraledig". Some people make the mistake of waiting to report until you have applied for parental benefit or temporary parental benefit, but then the payments will turn out wrong.

Report parental benefit on the weekend aswell

Should you take parental benefit on the weekend, you should report it to the unemployment fund as well, even if it does not affect the compensation from the unemployment fund. It is important that you provide us with the same information as to Försäkringskassan, so that the accounts are consistent when we receive information from them that they have paid parental benefit.

Vab or parental leave from part-time work?

If you work part-time and have been on parental leave or vamped from work, please contact us for information on how to report that week.