Moved from Sweden outside the EU/EEA?

Are you moving from Sweden to a country outside the EU/EEA? The question now is whether you should continue to be a member of Akademikernas a-kassa or not.

In most cases you can cancel your membership with us.

Do you have a Swedish employer? If you have worked abroad for a Swedish employer, who is based in Sweden, and if your salary has been paid out of Sweden, we equate this work with work in Sweden. Continue your membership with us.

Have you moved with your partner who works for a Swedish employer? If you move with your partner who works abroad for a Swedish employer and your partner receives their salary paid from Sweden you should continue your membership. Contact us for more information.

Contact us Please let us know if you are unsure about the unemployment insurance. It is your most important insurance. Call us weekdays between 9-16 at +4684123300