Holiday for those who work part-time and get unemployment benefit

It is summer and vacation for many. Since we have information that you have a part-time employment, we would like to inform you about how the unemployment benefit is affected when you have a holiday "semester" from a part-time job. The purpose is for you to be prepared for what can happen with your unemployment benefit.

When you're on vacation, you're not unemployed

When you have a holiday, you are not considered unemployed and therefore are not entitled to unemployment benefit for days or periods that you take out vacations.

Holidays full days and continuous periods

What does it count as a holiday when you are unemployed? The starting point is the Holiday Act (semesterlagen), which ensures that workers have the opportunity for continuous leave for rest and recreation. There, holidays always count for whole days and in case of longer leave, the holiday period also includes work-free days between the days you would have worked if you had not had a holiday.

Similarly, we count on unemployment insurance holidays as whole days, and for longer holidays, intermediate days also count as vacations.

Tick "semester" on the time report throughout the holiday period

When you are free for vacation, you should report it on your time report. If you have intermediate unemployed days, they must be reported as "semster". This means that you do not receive part-time unemployment benefit when you are on holiday from your part-time employment.

Contact the a-kassa

Please contact us if you are unsure how to report your time when you are on holiday.