Unemployment insurance – your most important insurance

The unemployment insurance fund provides basic protection if you become unemployed. Housing, food, mobile – the list of what costs money is long. We provide you with the best service, help with the application and timely payments if you become unemployed. The unemployment insurance fund gives you financial calm in troubled times.

We provide service and financial security

Akademikernas a-kassa – The unemployment fund graduates was established in 1969 with the aim of insuring unemployment and providing services to professional academics. Today we have 750,000 members and is thus Sweden's largest unemployment insurance fund. We are an apolitical non-profit organization and have an important role in Swedish labour market policy. Our task is to insure people in unemployment and pay compensation to those who become unemployed. The activities are based on the Unemployment Funds Act and the Unemployment Insurance Act.

Higher education credits and responsibility for basic financial security

Our members are in all professions, industries and sectors. They are employees, self-employed or both. What unites them is that they have studied at university or college, in Sweden or abroad, have credits and have realized the value of having unemployment insurance. Most of our members are also members of one of Saco's trade unions or Vårdförbundet. There they get, among other things, an income insurance that complements the unemployment insurance fund. Being insured for unemployment gives a sense of economic calm. And sometimes also the courage to, for example, dare to change jobs.

Democracy, respect for equal value, efficiency and service

Our values are based on the state values and on our own keywords. Everyone who works with us has understanding and responsibility for the values that our work creates.
The unemployment insurance fund is an important part of society's security system, both in boom times when it is important to have a mobile and flexible workforce and in recession when more people need unemployment insurance.