The fee to Akademikernas a-kassa is 130 SEK from October 2021.The first invoice with the new fee will be sent in the end of October.

Adjusted fee 

The cost of unemployment benefit depends for the most part on the average daily allowance our unemployed members receive. The pandemic did not have the impact on the daily allowance in Akademikerna a-kassa that we had expected. As the costs of the insurance were lower than expected, we can now reduce the fee by SEK 10 per month.

The benefit of being a member of the union too

The unemployment insurance fund provides basic security in the event of unemployment. With us, you can continue to be a member if you change jobs, careers or even if you go from being an employee to an entrepreneur.

Joining the union can be good if you want an income insurance that complements the unemployment insurance fund, and the union can also help with everything from labour law to LinkedIn review.

3 conditions for income-related unemployment insurance

To be entitled to unemployment insurance, three conditions* must be met:

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Membership condition: twelve months of continuous membership.

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Working condition: at least six months' work during, in the first instance, the last 12 months. In a month you need imports and at least 60 hours worked to be counted.

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Register with arbetsförmedlingen and look for work. There must be no obstacles to taking a job.

*For those who become unemployed in 2020, three months of membership and six months of 60 hours of work apply.

Do you want to cancel your membership?

If you have reasons to terminate your membership, please cancel here