Why a-kassa?

Foreigners face a unique set of hurdles in the Swedish job market, but few understand how unemployment insurance can help. Everyone working in Sweden is covered by unemployment insurance at a basic level and have the right to apply for a limited compensation if unemployed. Members of an unemployment fund however, can receive up to 80 percent of their previous salary when between two jobs.

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60 hours and 6 months

To receive unemployment benefit you must have worked at least 60 hours a month for six months (or more) before your unemployment. Shorter contracts and employments by the hour also count.

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Benefit based on your salary

In order to receive benefit based on your previous salary you also need to have been a member of an unemployment fund during at least twelve months when you become unemployed. If you are not a member, or if you have been a member for less than twelve months you can be eligible for a lower benefit, based on the amount of hours you have been working.

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The only requirements to join Akademikernas a-kassa are that you have a Bachelor's degree and have been working in Sweden. There are also som academic occupations that qualify for membership.

Don't have a degree?

If you don’t have a University degree there are a number of other unemployment funds to choose from. Check which one suits you at hejakassa.se 

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Join an unemployment fund as soon as you start working in Sweden! For questions, please contact us at 08-412 33 00 or send us an e-mail.