When unemployed

When you received your decision of unemployment benefit there are a few things you need to do for your time with unemployment benefit to run smoothly. For us to pay out your unemployment benefit you need to send us the time report. You also need to report your job seeking activities to arbetsförmedlingen between the 1st and 14th of every month.

Report your time in Mina sidor

You have to fill in a time report (tidrapport) in Mina sidor to receive your benefit. The report covers a week where you state what you have been doing during the past week. Read more

What am I allowed to do?

You can combine the benefits with part time studies (apply with us first!) parental leave and work, but you cannot start your own business. Fill in what you have done on your time report in Mina sidor.

Forms in English

Fill in your time report (tidrapport)

Fill in your report at Mina sidor every week to receive your benefit. Fill in your report on Monday and you will receive your benefit earliest Thursday that week. If you fill it in later you'll receive it the next Thursday.

More about the time report

Report your job seeking activities to arbetsförmedlingen

Report to arbetsförmedlingen every month Remember to report your job seeking activities to arbetsförmedlingen between the 1st and 14th every month. If your activity report is not submitted on time or if the employment service believe that you have not been active enough in your job seeking, we will get a notice. A notice can result in a warning or suspension of payment.

Why report? The more your employment officer knows, the sooner he/she can help you. To be able to get the right support they need to know which jobs you have applied for, and what other activities you have undertaken to overcome unemployment.

Report your activities at arbetsförmedlingen.se