The compensation from the union's income insurance is based on our decision on benefits. Akademikernas a-kassa neither make a decision on income insurance nor pay it out. How much you get out of the extra income insurance and how you apply depends on which trade union you are a member of.

Did you resign?

Unfortunately, most income insurances do not apply if you have chosen to hand in your own notice.

Which trade union are you a member of?

The application and conditions look different, in most cases you will receive the application sent home. Take a look at our lists and see what applies to you.

These trade unions will send you an application

The following unions send home application documents when you register with the arbetsförmedling. The income insurance is administered by the Akademikernas inkomstförsäkring.

  • Akavia
  • DIK
  • Fysioterapeuterna
  • Läkarförbundet
  • Naturvetarna
  • Psykologförbundet
  • SRAT
  • Sveriges Arbetsterapeuter
  • Sveriges Arkitekter
  • Sveriges Farmaceuter
  • Sveriges Ingenjörer
  • Sveriges Veterinärförbund
  • Tjänstetandläkarna
  • Apply yourself if you are a member of one of these trade unions

You have to apply directly on the insurance company's website if you are a member of one of these trade unions: