Hello and welcome to Sweden! There are a number of institutions to keep track of when you arrive in a new country. Once you start working, you’ll have contact with most of them. The biggest difference between us at the a-kassa and public sector agencies is that you must be apply for membership to qualify for benefits if you lose your job. Join the a-kassa on the first day of work in Sweden.

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How does it work?

Here is a brief description of how things work. And remember that you can only get benefits from one institution at a time.

Skatteverket – The Swedish Tax Agency

Your employer deducts taxes from your salary and it’s paid to the Swedish Tax Agency. Once a year you file a tax return where you declare your income, deductions, etc. Your tax return comes pre-filled and most people only need to review and sign it. skatteverket.se (in English)

CSN – National Board of Student Aid

When you study in Sweden you can receive loans and grants from CSN. If you become unemployed, we receive information from CSN about whether you’ve studied csn.se (In English)

Försäkringskassan – Social insurance agency

If you are employed and ill for longer than two weeks, Försäkringskassan pays out benefits if you fulfill their conditions. The agency also pays out benefits if you are on parental leave or at home with sick children. If you become unemployed, we receive information from Försäkringskassan about when and for how long you received benefits from them. If you are unemployed and ill or your child is ill (VAB) you apply for benefits from Försäkringskassan. forsakringskassan.se (In English)

Arbetsförmedlingen – Public Employment Agency

New positions at Arbetsförmedlingen. Everyone with a general work permit has the right to apply for a job via the Public Employment Agency. If you are unemployed and also want to apply for benefits, you must be registered there in order to qualify to receive benefits. arbetsformedlingen.se

And finally – a-kassa

To receive benefits based on your salary should you become unemployed, you need to be a member of an unemployment insurance fund. Everyone who is employed or has been employed has the right to join – but you must decide to become a member. To become a member with us at Akademikernas a-kassa you need to have at least a bachelor’s degree. Join us on your first day at work in Sweden. Fill in the application here

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